API management

Get the speed and security needed to create an

Intelligent API Business At Scale.

Drive Speed to Innovation

Get to market faster and seize new business opportunities.

Automate DevOps Process

Enhance the developer experience with pipeline automation and integration.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Active monitoring and alerting help you ensure ultimate service availability and performance.

API Security

API access and analytics, it's important to provide security against threats, attacks and build a trusted model to various services.

Service gateways ensure these aspects of service management along with much in demand data transformation.

Expert Team

Our team understands "full life cycle API management" i.e. planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance and retirement if API's.

We have expertise of all the functions of application service governance of product life cycle.


Our work spans across on premise, cloud and hybrid models of API management solutions. Alcrucis provides everything from quality assurance, support, professional services and technical publications for API management solutions.

API for Organizations

Application prgramming interfaces (API'S) have changed the way products are architected, designed, developed, solid and maitained.

A lot of organizations across all industries are gearing up with digital transformation using API's.

Access Anywhere

API management solutions are becoming the key for integrating devices, various internal and external software systems, different services and large amount of data.

API's take organizations to the next level by ensuring ease of access, security and monetization.


API management adds efficiency, agility and innovation, simplifying its usage and gaining a competitive advantage.

Advantages of APIs

Having a robust digital business platform built on a solid API infrastructure will allow your business to react quickly as the world continues to evolve. APIs are logical solutions for many of today’s business problems and can be used to:

  • Empower companies to fast-track their business growth and gain a competitive advantage without having to start the journey from scratch.
  • Create new lines of business and expanding product range by utilising business data in different, fresh ways.
  • Strengthen the brand by enabling a consistent, familiar and personalised experience across devices and channels.
  • Integrate content from partners to create new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling across the ecosystem

API Management Services

If your company plans on going digital, APIs are a must-have. Cornastone offers the following API Management Services:

  • Your end-to-end comprehensive requirements gathering.
  • Development of APIs in collaboration with your integration specialists.
  • Managing and controlling API releases.
  • Creating an open API platform for other businesses to use your APIs.
  • And of course, monetising your APIs.

Apigee’s API Management and Insights Analytics platform helps businesses to keep up with the new pace and scale digital demands, while predicting and continuously adapting to change. Used together, predictive analytics and APIs create a formidable adaptive cycle of continuous improvement, allowing your business to work smarter not harder.


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