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Serve your citizens and residents online easily using a single digital identity from birth.

The world is growing economically, but we have millions that cannot access government and private sector services because we cannot assure their identities. Governments have embarked on an eGovernment initiatives. To do this we need to be able to track a person’s identity from the day they are born, through school years, when they get married, when they start working, when they retire and eventually leaving this planet.

Throughout the life of a person they need to access healthcare, policing, they need to vote and attain knowledge. We have seen a lot of fraud by the use of stolen identities to access government services just like the rightful population that should access those services.

Physical and digital identities are crucial to government operations and welfare particularly where they are looking to grow their economies. Estonia has led the way for a while now. New Zealand has a comprehensive digital identity strategy. Our partners at Huntington Ventures continue to help governments deliver on this mandate and have written a plethora of papers in this space.


More and more schools are turning to digital education platforms. In fact leading universities use online platforms (virtual classrooms and online content) to deliver knowledge.

Students are now being supplied with tablets as learning tools. The learning institutions needs to know their students digital identity to deliver correct education collateral and ensure student s only access their relevant material. This ties back to their goverment digital identity and assurance levels thereof.


With the advent of technology in healthcare and the use of IoT and wearable tech, governments have put together a plethora of strict legislative policy to ensure privacy and consent.

Identity systems are needed to ensure that patients can control who can access their medical data and when. Wearable tech devices need to be trusted and associated with a certain person. The data they provide can assist in determine the health status of a person as we have seen this being used by health insurers.

We specialize in cyber-security solutions across different industry verticals. Our core value proposition is our ability to deliver robust, transformative and visionary identity platforms to enable and secure your digital transformation strategies.


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