One-Tap payment solution

The One-Tap payment comes with an intuitive in-app experience for customers and a monitoring and management app for the merchants. Players can top-up their wallets and get back to the game quickly without friction. The merchants can monitor and manage One-Tap payments along with real-time notifications with Payment Guru App.


New Generation payments for gamers


We are focused in providing the gamers on your platform the most intuitive and innovative ways to pay.

Synchronous payments in a single tap

Integration complementing in-game experience

Widest range of payment methods

Superfast and reliable payment experience

Reach Gamers Globally

Payment supports all major payment methods all over the globe. Your customers pay using payment methods they trust and are accustomed to. No limitations on payments whatsoever.



Payouts Made Easy

Easily send and manage payments to large number of recipients simultaneously. Payouts with Payment are fast, low-cost and intuitive.