Problem statement

In today’s digital age technology is the main driver of innovation across all spectrums of our economies. At the heart of all that, is risk and security. Solutions to these two fundamental concerns are mostly seen as inhibitors, and perhaps to a certain degree they have been in the past. Not anymore.

New age security solutions enable businesses to grow and innovate beyond the perimeter via a well thought-out strategy. The Red Queen Effect has taken hold, companies have to continuously evolve and innovate to survive NOT to be the market leader as it was a couple of years ago.

Our specialty is in Digital Identity systems to address risk and security. Digital Identity systems are indispensable to the security, governance, and usability of online resources. Whether for authentication, personalizing user experience, or access certification, identity is at the core of making processes function properly.

But for many organizations, the need to support broad user populations across a wide range of devices is driving up the complexity of identity systems. Some organizations are trapped into deploying point identity solutions for each new identity related requirements. This only exacerbates problems of complexity. Organizations have come to realize that collections of point solutions don’t equate to an identity system.

So what is our approach?

Our approach is fundamentally drawn from our main aim which is to be trusted advisors across all aspects of our customers’ business in order to support their digital strategy. Therefore, when we engage with customers, we emphasize the importance of digital transformation and that IT leads this business strategic objective.  Accordingly, we ensure that the proposed roadmaps, architecture and approach support the long term modernisation objectives, with the intention to elevate the organization’s operational effectiveness and efficiency, stakeholder management and governance. Part of IAM seeks to automate business processes thereby improving internal process efficiencies, improved customers service and improved information and communication security.

We deploy Multi-Channel, Privacy-aware Architectures, Service-Oriented Security (SOS) and One Identity Platform with Omni-channel user experience for our customers. Modern businesses have to take a platform based strategy to their IT. Platform ecosystems enable businesses to compete across a range of packaged services and products.