The challenge

Our system has opened a world of opportunities for many smallholder farmers excluded from mainstream financial services like

banking and insurance.

Giving farmers a better deal to sale their income.

Offer your farmers opportunity to increase access to financial services and ease the flow of financial transactions within agriculture value chains. Payfarm facilitates bulk payments to farmers on order before commodities are picked.

Better-connected farmers

Generate a digital receipt for every payment to farmers to boost their creditworthiness, especially with mobile money lending platforms as their ability to pay on time will increase their loan limit by 10 time

Giving farmers a better deal to sale their income.


Farmers often have to grapple with access to agricultural inputs, how to get credit in case of emergencies and even unpredictable payment periods, which means they cannot focus on farming quality produce. But a farmer who knows he will be paid immediately delivers his produce, and can go to a shop to access inputs on credit after showing his payment history, and then you have addressed a very vital stumbling block in the value chain.”