Omni-channel, Customer Experience

Omni-channel (combination of online and in-store), privacy and consent, data analytics (shopping habits), click-to-buy, device management and adaptive, risk and context aware access capabilities are key to any retailer trying to digitise.

At the centre of customer engagement process is digital identity. Today, most retailers are not prepared for this. They have siloed user repositories and eCommerce platforms that do not provide a single customer view nor provide data analytics.  They can not scale their platforms to accommodate the ever growing number of customer identities and the devices they use or IoT devices that enable retailer processes like never before. Gartner predicts that more than 5.5 million connected devices will be added every day.

Robust customer identity and access management platforms enable retailers to have a single view of the customer and provide a personalised experience across all channels. Imagine the power of combining IoT, online and in store channels to give a user a personalised experience from suggesting things to buy on their devices, or in store displays, online based on what they have purchased or liked or what other customers with a similar profile? That is huge, leading internet retailers are already unlocking this value with great results.

We specialize in cyber-security solutions across different industry verticals. Our core value proposition is our ability to deliver robust, transformative and visionary identity platforms to enable and secure your digital transformation strategies.


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