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IAM Advisory

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We believe that any problem should firstly be understood from business, legal and technology viewpoints. This is critical to  IAM implementation success. We help enterprises define their IAM strategy inline with their business strategy.

Identity Management

Identity Management (IDM) is the centrepiece of IAM. Enterprises need to ensure that the right users have the right access all the time. This is driven by compliance requirements such as POPI, PCI or GDPR. Not only that, a robust IAM solution ensures operational efficiency. 

Access Management

Access management is where users interact with your online services. It has to ensure frictionless access, be very intuitive while very secure and adaptive. It is the security enabler for B2B2C model. It enables a company to be inverse and open to the world for business and co-creation by securely accessing assets on both sides.

Credential Management

Today we have many credentials, passwords, fingerprints, FIDO2 U2f tokens, voice, backup codes, push dialogs on our phones and yet most enterprises do not have a “self-service” portal for a user to manage this litany of credentials.  What happens if a user loses one of these? 

API Security

Securely manage, deliver and monitor enterprise APIs at any scale. Identity is key to API security thus OAuth and OpenID connect are important for us in this space. With the cloud adoption comes microservices and complexities of such patterns. It is important to ensure that security is baked early into your cloud adoptions.

Mobile Security

Most enterprises have employed BYOD and also allow their customers to access their online offerings using mobile devices. Users expect a seamless user experience across multiple channels and enterprises require consistent access policies across those channels. 

Cloud Native Application Architectures

Mordenize your applications by applying the 12 factors of cloud native apps. In your journey of digitilization, it is important to embrace these 12 factors to ensure that your apps are cloud ready. It is not a matter of lift and shift. Your apps need to be design and built for agility, speed and should be designed for failure.

In fact, we have adopted these principles in our IAM initiatives. Most enterprises are saddled with activates that can be automated leading to inefficiency and releasing new features in to production. Sometimes your platform cant handle the load or something goes wrong in the IAM stack and it takes hours to resolve. We design and build highly engineered IAM platforms to reduce “toil” and improve customer experience. 


Case Studies

Financial Services

 The Financial Advisory industry is being disrupted by FinTechs.  Robo-Advisor platforms are integrated into traditional processes and our customer needed an Identity and API platform  to authenticate and authorize identities from different Identity Providers. Ability to scale, customize and control a cloud deployment was a key requirement. An IdaaS or SaaS IAM platform could not meet these requirements thus I’curity helped to deliver a private cloud based IAM solution that enabled ownership, control and ability to customize features rapidly.

Investment, Savings and Insurance

This client is one of biggest investment and insurance firms in Africa. They had an existing identity and access management platform when we were engaged. However they had issues with site reliability and inability to roll out new website integration with ease. I’curity managed to stabilised the environment by using IAM tools, design concepts and old school SRE principles to ensure trust, confidentiality and scalability. Today this client can meet stringent SLAs and SLOs.

Inter Bank Settlement and Switching

This automated clearing house had a low IAM maturity level. With their modernization program and legislative requirements such as PCI and POPI, this maturity level needed to be aligned in order to be able to fully manage enterprise identities, those of their partners and customer identities.


This retailer needed an identity and access management strategy to match their business strategy for growth and rapid innovation. Together with a strategy, we produced an IAM capability maturity roadmap that had tangible delivery milestones to ensure a  internet retailer end state. Customer experience in-store and online is an envisaged future, but the immediate concern was to find ways to eliminate fraud, improve access control (at satellite offices) and solidify identity assurance by eliminating gaps in identity verification processes.


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Identity and Access Management Success Factors

Identity and Access Management Success Factors

We believe that for the project to be successful, a number of critical factors must be addressed from a business, legal and technology perspective.  These are:   Strong executive support. Executives form an important support structure to...

We specialize in cyber-security solutions across different industry verticals. Our core value proposition is our ability to deliver robust, transformative and visionary identity platforms to enable and secure your digital transformation strategies.


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