Founded in 2014 as a Cyber Security Startup.
Our HQ is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are proudly a LEVEL 1 BBEE Service Provider

At icurity, we believe in long-term partnerships with our clients by engaging on a shared journey to create a future for both parties that is better than either could have developed alone. We mutually find satisfactory solutions for our customer’s current pain points and future growth security needs to enable the business to be agile in ever changing business environment. Our dedication to excellence in every service helps create synergies of knowledge, security, and adaptability for both parties.

Problem Statement

In our experience, we have found that most corporations rely heavily on vendors to deliver solutions to their problems. This approach makes it easy for corporations to take a backseat in the processes and most concerning is that it almost certainly results in vendor lock-in. In the long term, this results in exponential costs, inhibits flexibility, portability, innovation, ownership, control and knowledge.

Solution Statement

Get out of Vendor Land into Solution Land

Our approach is fundamentally drawn from our main principle which is to be trusted advisors across all aspects of our customers’ business in order to support their strategy. Therefore, we insist that the customer becomes an integral part of solutions delivery from inception to the end. We believe in adherence to architectural delivery approach where solutions and technology can be mapped to an IT strategy and Business strategy. Stakeholder engagement across all aspects of business is an important part of our delivery process. In this way, views and viewpoints of all concerned are captured and tracked to ensure alignment and a satisfactory outcome for all.

We understand that in today’s businesses, it is prudent to choose the best technology that fits the purpose and also agility is key. However scattergun initiatives without any overarching overview eventually leads to waste. For instances, software purchases if left to a business unit without advisory from the architectural board usually ends with a technology stack that does not support digitalization core needs which are, speed, scope and scale. Some traditional licensing models inhibits system horizontal scalability. This is one of the biggest problems that most organizations struggle with for on-prem solutions.


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